Pricing for Quilting

$.012 per square inch.  (A 100" x 100" quilt would cost $120.00 to quilt.)
Edge-to-Edge Pantograph
Non-custom, edge-to-edge designs on the quilt:
$0.015 per square inch.  (A 100" x 100" quilt would cost $150.00 to quilt.)  This price includes pantographs and designs that flow from edge to edge, such as Baptist fans, all over grid hatching (but not stitching in the ditch), meandering, etc.

Light Custom

Add a little more to your quilt -- perhaps a design incorporated into a center medallion or border.  $0.03 per square inch.

Medium Custom

Fancier yet.  Feathered hearts, feathered borders, basic background fills, a thread color change, etc.  $0.04 per square inch.

Heavy Custom
This quilt will receive a lot of attention.  Each block will have its own custom design, using rulers and specially shaped pantographs.  The work is intricate and will take longer.  $0.05 per square inch.

Show Quilts -- Extreme Custom

And then there is Extreme Custom.  These go above and beyond, with dense quilting designs throughout, using careful marking, templates, rulers, background filler, etc.  The cost will depend entirely on how long it takes.  Very detailed quilts can take hundreds of hours, and I will charge at least $12 per hour.  Email me if you'd like to see pictures of show quilts I have done.

There is a separate charge for batting.

I generally use Superior Threads® -- King Tut® cotton, So Fine® polyester, and Bottom Line® polyester.  I also use Signature.  Threads are available in a variety of solid and variegated colors.  


To sew the binding on your quilt, I charge 12¢ per linear inch.  It will be sewn by machine, first to the top, then pulled around to the back.  I will stitch in the ditch, so the stitching will be mostly invisible on top, with a narrow top-stitching on the back.  A 100" x 100" quilt binding would cost $48.00.

If you want a decorative embroidered stitch on the top, such as the feather stitch, it will be 20¢ per linear inch.  100" x 100" feather-stitched quilt binding would cost $80.00.

Squaring, Backing, Pressing, Piecing
If I fix seams that are coming apart, square your backing, piece your backing or batting, or press serious wrinkles out of your quilt top or backing, I will charge $10.00 per hour ($5.00 per half-hour, $2.50 for 15 minutes). 
This price will also apply to itemized sewing that I do not have listed.

I accept internet/mail order quilting.  Shipping is at customer’s expense.  

50% of payment is required when you ship your quilt (not required for local quilts) and the balance will be due when the quilt is completed.  If I am making your quilt for you, and I am purchasing the fabric for you, cost of fabric must be paid immediately.

Please call or e-mail if you are shipping your quilt. Place your quilt in a clear plastic bag and a sturdy box for shipping.

I reserve the right to refuse any quilt.


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  2. You inspire me. Can you tell me where I can get the panto Halloween Modified. Or the designer.
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